Awakened Rose Armor is an armor set in Avalon. This armor is of better use for casters, as it provides 104 defense, but the Berserker armor provides more - 124 defense. It is a Material for the Avalon Armor Set, but that is unobtainable, as Souls of Energy are unobtainable without cheats or an inventory editor. The Set Bonus is: Enables teleportation to the cursor, press J (Shadow Potion effect).  

Crafting and Stats

Awakened Rose Helmet
The Awakened Rose Helmet is crafted from:


  • 50 defense
  • Material
  • 30% increased magic damage
  • 20% decreased mana usage
  • Summons a leaf storm when damaged

Awakened Rose Bodyarmor
The Awakened Rose Bodyarmor is crafted from:


  • 28 defense
  • Material
  • Increased life regeneration
  • Increased magic regeneration
  • Greatly increases length of invincibility after taking damage
  • Crystal Skull effect
  • +160 mana
  • 5% increased magic critical strike chance
  • Stars fall when injured

Awakened Rose Cuisses
The Awakened Rose Cuisses are crafted from:


  • 26 defense
  • Material
  • 10% increased movement speed
  • Reduces the cooldown of healing potions
  • +240 mana
  • Lightning strikes when damaged

Each piece of the armor set can be sold for 21 Gold Coins, but it would be pointless, as there are other means of getting money easily.

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