This page is for the AvalonMod Tconfig versions. This page is an archive.


  • Added Ultimate and Marvelous prefixes
  • Fixed MP Key not found bug when first player logs in(thanks, Grox! and thanks to tConfig 35 :P)
  • Added Venoshock spell
  • Recolored Hellfire Thorn projectile to better match the item sprite
  • Added Starbright Potion(increases Fallen Star frequency)
  • Added Seed Fabricator from Hellish Hardmode
  • Added Blowpipes and seeds from the Hellish Hardmode(plus Sun's Shadow, not from HH)
  • Added Giga Horn(soundwave tome)
  • Added Cursed Drop spell
  • Made the Juggernaut stronger(it can knock you back now :3)
  • Fixed Crystal Edge
  • Made Fallen Stars fall more often when it is a Blood Moon
  • Remade the Armageddon Slime's sprite(it looks WAY better now :D)
  • Added Caesium Discus(boomerang) and Caesium Repeater
  • Remade the Hornet Food Sprite
  • Added Gem Fabricator and recipes to craft gems(pretty expensive)
  • Added Onyx, Peridot, and Tourmaline gems, also craftable at the Gem Fabricator(only there, for now); will be used in later recipes for good weapons and in the current Giga Horn, Venoshock, Cursed Drop, and Smogscreen
  • Increased range of Biome Conversion Bombs to 75 tiles
  • Added Flaming Knife


  • Changed the sprite of Ice Step Boots
  • Attempted another small fix of the Dragon Lord
  • Added Elemental Arrows
  • Added Biome Conversion Bombs
  • Added Rock Tumble spell
  • Added Smogscreen spell


  • Fixed the Dragon Lord(hopefully)
  • Removed Addy and Cobalt gear from Spectrum Armor's recipe


  • Added five statues and two ice sculptures
  • Added around 50 new items
  • Added Thunder Dash Boots: a prehardmode accessory that gives you the ability to run fast, like Hermes Boots, but also causes lightning to strike when you start out running
  • Added Mystery Tome; fires all projectiles used to make it in a random order
  • Fixed Dark Thrower projectile(had the wrong friendly/hostile bools)
  • Increased amount of Golden Flames and Fallen Stars required to craft Starfall
  • Changed Berserker Armor to have Oblivion debuff bonus
  • Fixed Ancient Armor/Ancient's mana cost is zero small bug
  • Fixed long-standing Spectrum Helmet speed bug
  • Reduced defense of all armors past and including hardmode(except for Caesium Armor)
  • Added Avalon Armor(can't access it yet due to lack of purified world)
  • Made all Underworld monsters drop Souls of Fire while in Superhardmode(5% chance)
  • Added Wealth buff(doubles the coin drop of enemies) and respective potion
  • Added Pierce buff(increases the penetration of projectiles by 1) and respective potion
  • Increased Ultrablivion's damage once again
  • Made the Starlight Cannon's projectile increase in size while alive, and last only for 15 seconds
  • Added Force Field Potion, activates a shield while active(reflects projectiles)
  • Made Avalon Armor always have a force field(reflects projectiles)
  • Fixed vanilla statues not spawning NPCs where they should
  • Added a series of life crystals to replace the Greater Life Crystal; you must use them in order to obtain max HP. Defeating the hardmode bosses will get you to 700 life. You must then kill Oblivion, and then Ultrablivion to get to 900. The final 100 will be given in the burning or purified world, in segments of 20.
  • Added Force Field Potion(just like part of Avalon Armor's setbonus) and respective buff
  • Fixed a couple of things regarding tile merging
  • Made the Blackened Flames' firelets act as Spiky Balls; they now stay on the ground after landing there, damaging NPCs who touch them
  • Reduced max stack of all ammo except Fallen Stars and Gel to 2000
  • Fixed being able to spawn multiple bosses of the same type(doesn't kill you if you do(I always thought that was unfair xD), you just can't summon them)
  • Added a summon-all-bosses-at-once item, Essence of Terraria; be careful!
  • Made a few accessories not able to be stacked in the slots; different types of Kinetic Boots, Gift of Starpower/Starpower's Will
  • A bunch of other things


  • Fixed the Quad Sunfury (press N to change modes)
  • Fixed Oblivion's instakill mode(I hope)
  • Increased Ultrablivion's damage to 160 from 125(hopefully this will make him harder)
  • Fixed Primordial Ore mining, plus removed debug text
  • Changed Starlight Cannon to require Energy Cells instead of the Focus Beam 2


  • Made the Shadow Mirror have multiple teleportation points when using it, press N to change modes
  • Changed sprite of Starlight Cannon
  • Changed the name of the Skull and the Quad Flail to prevent conflicts
  • Fixed the Antimatter Bomb to hurt the player and NPCs when it explodes(700 base damage)


  • Added Primordial Ore(kinda buggy when you mine it)
  • Added NPC: Aegis Hallowor
  • Added NPC: Armored Hell Corruptor
  • Added NPC: Guardian Corruptor
  • Added Item: Starlight Cannon
  • Fixed Dragon Lord... hopefully xD
  • Added Tome of Necromancy


  • Increased spawn of Magmatic Ore
  • Fixed bottom-of-world crash
  • Made Ultrablivion drop the Antimatter Bomb in quantities of 2-5, 90% chance
  • Made some emblems preclude another


  • Fixed Berserker Bars being crafted in large quantities(5 ore = 250 bars o_o)
  • Fixed magic weapons
  • Changed Juggernaut's sprite
  • Tweaked a few accessories
  • Made Ultrablivion even harder
  • Added Awakened Rose Armor - gives 155 defense base, plus teleportation bonus


  • Increased difficulty of Ultrablivion
  • Changed Kinetic Boots Gold to be crafted at a Navigator's Array
  • Fixed Tropical Grass spreading code
  • Changed some recipes around to use the new multiple recipes feature
  • Added NPC: Scorpion
  • Added NPC: Turtle


  • Added recipe for Lightning in a Bottle(Whoops!)
  • Added Destroyer Drill
  • Fixed player-creation bug(I think)
  • Added a layer of Resistant Wood to the Hellcastle's chest room


  • Changed Ultrablivion to "talk"
  • Changed some sprites
  • Added a recipe for Ice Step Boots


  • Added Boss: Ultrablivion
  • Added Berserker set of gear; Berserker Armor, flail(Nightmare), Blade
  • Added Lightning in a Bottle
  • Added Expulsor Cannon
  • Added 2 new souls: Wight and Vigor
  • Added tile: Berserker Ore
  • Added tile: Dragon Scale
  • Added tile: Berserker Anvil
  • Added item: Ice Step Boots
  • Added NPC: Jungle Mummy
  • Changed Titanium Armor spritesheet(credit goes to Orkuspay)


  • Fixed Diving Suit Body animation sheet(credit goes to Orkuspay)
  • Made Oblivion better(WARNING: It may be harder now... :3)
  • Changed Ancient Armor animation sheet and item sprites(credit goes to AaronC/Dark and Light for this)
  • Changed Quad Whip texture again(credit goes to AaronC/Dark and Light for this, too)
  • Fixed Dark Matter Ore spawning issues
  • Added NPC: Protector Wheel; Player-seeking hardmode Blazing Wheel(sorta xD)
  • Added NPC: Corrupted Jellyfish; just a jelly that doesn't drop glowsticks :P
  • Added NPC: Flame Bat(basically a hardmode hellbat)
  • Added four new Emblems: Overlord(all three tiers), Berserker(melee), Mage(magic), and Archer(ranged); each increase damage by 25% for their respective tier.
  • Changed Dragon Lord Armor spritesheet(credit goes to AaronC/Dark and Light.)
  • Changed a lot of other sprites(credit also goes to AaronC).
  • Changed Fiery Blade of Grass sprite(credit goes to Drdragonfly for this one).


  • Added Chaos Tome
  • Fixed Hallowed Ore not spawning on first defeat of Cataryst(bugged in the last version)


  • Fixed Dragon Lord(new version isn't out yet, though)
  • Changed Soul of Fire drop from WoF to 3-5 from 3-6
  • Increased Lava Talisman's Soul of Fire requirement from 15 to 50
  • Reduced lag in custom biomes to nothing
  • Improved Ice Cave generation(made them not square)
  • Added Tropic Stone and Tropical Mud(both for the Underground Tropics)
  • Made Ice slippery
  • Changed Magma Skeleton's sprite
  • Added Tropical Grass which grows on Tropical Mud
  • Made the Hellfire Chest spawn in the Hellcastle
  • Made the Platinum Chest spawn in the Sky Fortress
  • Added Shockwave Potion
  • Added Crimson Potion
  • Added Vision Potion
  • Added Bottled Lava(crafted with 1 Bottle and 1 Obsidian near lava)
  • Fixed some netplay issues
  • Made Shadow Potion not function when near the Hellcastle(to prevent teleporting in before acquiring the Axe of Emancipation)


  • Added Comet NPC: Comet Tail


  • Fixed lag in Hellcastle/Tropics/Sky Castle
  • Fixed spawning issue(I think) with NPCs in other parts of the world while on a server with one person near the Hellcastle/Tropics
  • Fixed Cataryst being able to be frozen
  • Fixed Bone Fish (!)
  • Lowered damage of Titanium Drill
  • Fixed Kinetic Boots (again)
  • Added channel=True to The Golden Flames
  • Actually made Magmatic Ore damage you properly (or not...)
  • Removed Coal requirement in Furnace and added it to Adamantite Forge
  • Made Ice Cave zone
  • Resprited Gargoyle and made its tail hang into tiles
  • Fixed AS+ Achievement
  • Added Comet zone
  • Added NPC: Comet Tail
  • Fixed UpdateSpawn() in Generic.cs
  • Made Jungle Armor only require 6 Jungle Bars per piece(actually did this in 13.9, but forgot to mention it)


  • Improved AI of the Desert Beak
  • Improved Cataryst's AI
  • Improved Steelfang's AI
  • Fixed Speed Talisman
  • Added Fracturing Armor debuff, inflicted by Steelfang
  • Made Magmatic Ore damage you at around the same value no matter your defense(exceptions include having Tome of Luck/Kinetic Boots Gold Equipped)


  • Removed spawning of Skeletron Prime during night in superhardmode temporarily
  • Removed Cross Shield (no point in having it at all)
  • Fixed The Blackened Flames
  • Changed the Soul of Night/Light requirement in Devil's Scythe and Hellfire Thorn to Soul of Fire
  • Fixed chest spawning bug in the Sky Fortress


  • Removed Mining Helmet functionality in vanity slot
  • Improved coal generation
  • Removed Musket Ball crafting recipe
  • Removed Fire Shard drops from Meteor Heads
  • Removed Air Shard drop from Snatchers
  • Changed sprite of Quad Whip slightly
  • Added Gores for Mechanical Digger and Oblivion
  • Added death dusts for Slimes
  • Removed useStyles from all items that shouldn't have one
  • Fixed spawn rates around custom biomes
  • Added Skeletron Prime as a possibility to spawn at night during superhardmode
  • Increased length of invincibility after taking damage with the Ancient Armor
  • Added Cross Shield accessory(invincibility is longer than the Cross Necklace)
  • Changed some quotes from the Navigator during a Blood Moon to sound more worried than rude
  • Fixed the Freeze Bolt(it tile collides correctly now)
  • Lowered price of Soul of Fire to 1 Gold
  • Lowered amount of Souls of Fire dropped by the Wall of Flesh from 10-20 to 3-6


  • Added more quotes for the Navigator
  • Tweaked Caesium and Spectrum Armor
  • Changed Desert Armor to require Gold Armor instead of Iron
  • Caesium Armor now requires souls
  • Oblivion now drops the Instantanium Drill instead of this being found in the Sky Fortress


  • Added town NPC: Navigator
  • Increased scale of Blaze NPC to 1.2
  • Added item: Navigator's Array(and respective tile)
  • Added accessory: Shadow Mirror. This acts as a Shadow Potion and doubles as a Magic Mirror when used
  • Added potion: Navigator Potion; acts as a GPS when consumed(for 4 minutes)


  • Devil's Scythe now has a chance to spawn on the shelves of the Hellcastle
  • Added NPC: Blaze
  • New tilechanging mechanic with the Blaze; this NPC shoots fireballs at the player, and will change Ash into Brimstone/Hellstone, and if it's superharmode, it has a 1 in 10 chance to change it to Magmatic Ore.
  • Mechanical Digger is now behind tiles
  • Fixed the WoF from disappearing when you're near the Hellcastle
  • Fixed alarming quantity of NPCs dropping 10 Silver; they now drop other amounts of coins


  • Fixed spawns around the Hellcastle, Tropics biome, and regarding Wraith Legion
  • Changed Cloud Bat's death sound effect
  • Changed Bloodshot Eye's sprite
  • Actually added second Torch crafting recipe. It is: 1 Coal, 1 Wood for 4 Torches anywhere.
  • Changed Coal's tilesheet


  • Added Cloud biomes
  • Added Coal
  • Changed recipes of a few things to include coal/clouds
  • Added NPC: Cloud Bat
  • Tweaked Titanium Ore spawning
  • Made Illegal Weapon Instructions tile show the item sprite when it's moused over in-game


  • Added NPC: Bone Fish
  • Tweaked Dragon Lord Armor
  • Swapped the order in which Corrupted and Hallowed Ore spawn when Cataryst is defeated.