An Antimatter Bomb is a high-end explosive device obtainable after defeating Ultrablivion. It creates an explosion a lot stronger and bigger than Dynamite that can destroy dungeon bricks and high-end ores. The Antimatter Bomb can't destroy Berserker Ore, Oblivion Ore, Oblivion Brick, and Impervious Brick tiles.

There are two ways to obtain this device:

  1. It drops from Ultrablivion in quanities of 1-10.
  2. It can be crafted by combining 1 Energy Cell and 1 Soul of Wight at a Berserker Anvil.

If you get in the radius of an antimatter explosion, you will be instantly killed no matter how protective your armor is. The same goes for all enemies(except bosses)


  • In real life, when antimatter collides with regular matter, it annihilates, creating huge amounts of energy.
  • The Antimatter Bomb is disabled on most Avalon servers due to being a massive griefer tool.

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