Anger Talisman
An Anger Talisman will increase all damage dealt by the player who equips it by 30%, but at a cost: the accessory will decrease your defense by 10.

It is one of the most difficult items to craft, requiring:

  • 5 Ale
  • 1 Warrior Emblem
  • 1 Sorcerer Emblem
  • 1 Ranger Emblem
  • 5 Gold Bars
  • 5 Silver Ore
  • 30 Cobwebs
  • Tinkerer's Workshop
  • You get one

To allieviate the stress of crafting one, the Hellcastle can spawn with either of the four emblems in its chest.

In the source mod, The Anger Talisman got a decrease in damage of 3%, but has a different recipe. The recipe for this accessory is:

  • 1 Avenger Emblem
  • 30 Cobwebs
  • 5 Gold/Platinum Bars
  • 5 Silver/Tungsten Ore
  • 15 Souls of Fright
  • Tinkerer's Workshop
  • You get one

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