Ancient Armor is one of the superhardmode armors in Avalon.

The set Bonus is: Mana Cost for Ancient is 0.

The headpiece gives the following bonuses:

  • 30% increased melee damage and speed
  • 20% increased ranged and magic damage
  • +200 Max Mana
  • 49 defense
Ancient Headpiece 2
And its crafting recipe is:

The body section provides 24 defense plus the following bonuses:

  • 10% increased critical strike chance
  • Increased life regeneration
  • Increases length of invincibility after taking damage
  • Reduces the cooldown of healing potions
Ancient Bodyplate 2
And its crafting recipe is:

The Leggings provide 22 defense plus the following bonuses:

  • 15% increased movement speed
  • Stars fall when damaged
  • The wearer can double-jump
Ancient Leggings
And its crafting recipe is:

This armor is a material for the best (obtainable) melee armor in the game.

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