There are five new ammo items in Avalon. They are Dark Matter Arrow, Dark Matter Bullet, Frozen Arrow, Frozen Bullet, and Stinging Arrow. The Dark Matter ammos can inflict the Dark Inferno debuff on NPCs, and the Frozen ammos can inflict the Freeze debuff on NPCs.

Crafting and Stats

Dark Matter Arrow
Dark Matter Arrow:
Dark Matter Bullet
Dark Matter Bullet:
Frozen Arrow
Frozen Arrow:
Frozen Bullet
Frozen Bullet:
  • 25 Silver Bullets
  • 5 Ice Shards
  • 1 Ever Ice Bar
  • Crafting station: Mythril Anvil
  • You get 25
  • 18 Damage
  • Average knockback
  • Average speed
Stinging Arrow
Stinging Arrow:
  • 20 Wooden Arrows
  • 10 Jungle Spores
  • 2 Stingers
  • Crafting station: Anvil
  • You get 20
  • 8 Damage
  • Weak knockback
  • Fast speed

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