Aegis Hallowor
Hallow Spit

The Aegis Hallowor is a Superhardmode NPC added in Avalon. It will fire a spread of three Hallow Spit, which can spread the Hallow, at the player when it has a line of sight to them.

It has the following stats:

HP: 970

Attack: 100

Defense: 40

Immune to the Confused debuff

Average knockback resistance

It drops:

  • 1 Light Shard, at a 4% chance
  • 1 Golden Flame, at a 0.7% chance
  • 1-2 Pixie Dust, at a 30% chance
  • 1 Crystal Shard, at a 5% chance
  • 15 Silver Coins

When it collides with a Guardian Corruptor, it will leave a chunk of Oblivion Ore.

It has a 1/8 chance to spawn in a (meteor) Hallow Biome.

AH thingy

The spread of Hallow Spit

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