Adamantite Anvil
The Adamantite Anvil is a new crafting tile that can be crafted once the player obtains 16 Adamantite Bars. It functions as both of the previous anvils, and can be used to craft higher end items. Most of these items are end-of-hardmode beginning-of-superhardmode items. The complete items list is as follows:

- Hallowed Altar, Hallowed Greatsword, Magmatic Long Sword, Ancient Armor, Oblivion Greatsword, Hallowed Thorn, Quadro Cannon, Quad Whip, Elemental Rod, Freezethrower, Dragon Lord Armor, Dragon Bone Drill, Cursed Flamethrower, Caesium Armor, Caesium Forge, and Axe of Emancipation.

In the source mod this is called the Xeradon Anvil and can be made with either Adamantite, Titanium or Troxinium.