The acievements are only accessable when Shockah's Achievements mod is installed.

List of achievements + info:

  • WoF's house? - Find the Hellcastle
    Resistant Wood

Category: Accessory Slots+

Category: Bosses

  • Dark Matter Gel

You must like disturbing souls - enter Superhardmode (defeat the Armageddon Slime)

  • Mechanical Stinger
  • ALSO with lazers?!?!?! - defeat Mechasting (parent: defeat King Sting)

Category: Crafting

Category: Mining

Category: Superhardmode

Category: Superhardmode -> Bosses

Category: Superhardmode -> Mining

  • Opal
    Pearly! - Mine Opal

Category: Superhardmode -> Events


Some of the achievements

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